Moroccan Tadelakt Tierrafino ‘STONE’

Lime plaster

Shiny, exotic and water-repellent Tadelakt

Moroccan Tadelakt Tierrafino Stone is an original natural water-repellent lime plaster from Marrakesh, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is applied with a decorative lime-stucco technique that has a long tradition in Morocco.

Tierrafino STONE has a marble-like appearance and is impact resistant after curing. Bathrooms, kitchens and fireplaces are given a luxurious and elegant look. Tadelakt is often also used for finishing ornaments. Tadelakt means (roughly translated) to ‘rub’ or ‘massage in’. The special effect is obtained by polishing the material with a stone. Tadelakt has been used since ancient times. The Romans already used a lime plaster similar to Tadelakt. Also the Aztecs worked on the inside of their pyramids with Tadelakt.

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Tierrafino organizes workshops, seminars, internships, and training courses on the application of clay plaster, clay paint, stucco Lustro, Tadelakt, Concrete Look, Antique Provence, clay construction and natural building with clay.

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Colours Tierrafino ‘Stone’

Soft colours of the Earth

Dover white, Delphi white, Roman ocher, Djenné red, Nassau orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera gray. Standard colours which can be mixed & matched with each other or just add some natural Tierrafino pigments. The number of colour shades is therefore virtually unlimited.
When it comes to colour, everyone has their own taste and preferences. Tierrafino pigments will create an even more personal effect.

Colours Tierrafino ‘Stone’

Colours of the Pigments

In the colors shown below, 10% pigments are added to the original colorless Tadelakt. By adding more or less pigment, the color tones can be intensified or weakened. In many cases, two or more color pigments are mixed with the tadelakt to further develop color tones. With our pigments, the possibilities for developing shades are endless.

Click to open the sample photos to get a good view of the texture of the material and the colour. For inspiration also view the colour slider at the bottom of the page!

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Tierrafino Technical Friday Mornings (TFM) are especially for Professionals. In abt. 1.5 hours we’ll explain about clay construction in general and the many technical applications of our clay products. There are no costs associated with these TFMs.