Clay plaster primer Contact for Plasters and Paints

Clay Plaster Primer “Contact” and “Contact Fine” are adhesive primers for clay plasters, and paints on smooth and / or highly absorbent surfaces in the interior. The composition of Tierrafino Contact is: Tree resin binder, calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, water, additives, preservative. Packaging: 5 L & 10 L bucket. Available as “Contact” for plasters and stucco BetonLook and or “Contact Fine” for i-paint, DryPaint, and Listro. The consumption of Tierrafino Contact: Est. 0.25 L / m2 per coat on smooth surfaces. Consumption is higher on coarse surfaces. For Tierrafino Contact Fine the consumption is approx. 0.1 L / m2 per coat. • Ready-to-use in the packaging • Easy application of Contact and Contact Fine with brush or roller • Before and after application white in color • Contains no solvents. In many situations a primer must be used for adhesion and durability of layers of plaster used on different substrates. Our contact adheres to almost all substrates. Of course, these must be dry, grease-free and dust-free. Also to be considered are rust stains and metals, these should first be treated with insulating compound. A big advantage of a wall treated with primer is the rough primer structure. The plaster to be processed no longer slides over the surface but adheres quickly and can therefore be easily smoothed.

Tierrafino organizes workshops, seminars, internships and training courses on the application of clay plaster, clay paint, stucco Lustro, Tadelakt, BetonLook, Antique Provence, clay finish, clay construction in general and natural building with clay.
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