Tierrafino T-paint – ecological textured paint
The grainy textured clay paint

Lively, decorative and moist regulating

T-paint’ ecological textured paint is a clay paint for the interior. The T stands for texture, or structure. Specially selected sands are mixed through the clay, creating a granular structure. Walls and ceilings treated with ‘T-paint’ clay paint look lively and sparkling. Colour and shine of the sand grains are clearly visible. Tierrafino ‘T-paint’ has a number of characteristic features that are at the heart of clay. It is vapor-permeable and moisture regulating and thus contributes to a comfortable living environment at home or at the workplace. The grainy structure also shortens the reverberation time in a room.

‘T-paint’ is available in many colours

Dover white, Delphi white, Roman ocher, Djenné red, Nassau orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera gray. These are the standard colours that can be mixed together or with other natural Tierrafino pigments. As a result, the number of colours is virtually unlimited. Grains of different sizes provide an extra lively and warming effect.
When it comes to colour, everyone has their own taste and preferences. With the use of Tierrafino pigments you create an even more personal effect.

Take a look at the colour overview at the bottom of this page!


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The Technical Friday Morning (TFM) is a once week morning especially for professionals within the building- and designers-industry. In approx. 1.5 hours our Tierrafino Clay Expert team will give a presentation on clay construction in general and the technical applications of our clay products specifically. This is also an opportunity to discuss your personal project using the application of clay. The TFM is free of charge.


The unique qualities of clay paint T-paint

Clay has a number of particularly pleasant and unique qualities. Clay consists of about 50% oxygen and 20% to 40% silicon. Especially this mineral gives clay its unique heat and moisture regulating quality. Important other advantages of clay are that it is anti-static and anti-fungal, which promotes a healthy and balanced indoor climate. Clay is warm in winter and cool in summer. In residential houses as well as in offices, theaters, concert halls, museums and utility buildings, clay walls and ceilings create a comfortable atmosphere and a brilliant interplay of colours.