Tierrafino Protection and Intense


Tierrafino PROtect, content 1 litre, 5 liters or 20 liters
PROtect is used to impregnate Tierrafino Clay and lime products, making them water-repellent and protected. PROtect gives no color difference and a soft matte shine.

For more information about PROtect, see the product sheet.

Tierrafino INtense, content 1 litre, 5 liters or 20 liters
INtense is an additive that hardens the material and provides better protection against wear.

COATINGS and HARDER Protection is matte and Intense is glossy. Both are water repellent. Intense can also be blended for extra hardness

The products are used to increase the resistance, hardness, water repellency and shine of clay plasters. Clay plasters are generally prone to minor damage if not processed by a specialist. Here Protect and Intense can help to protect the surfaces.

Both products are derived from tree resins and are completely free of any chemical additives, making them completely ecological products. After decades of searching, we finally managed to find such a product.

Even in ancient times clay plasters were provided with hardeners. Cow and/or horse urine was a commonplace means of turning clay surfaces into very strong and robust impact-resistant walls. In many cases, the addition of ox blood has also been customary. Mixtures with lime are also generally known.

For more information about INtense see the product sheet.


Tierrafino Fix and Tierrafino Wax for protective and smooth surfaces

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