Clay Plaster ‘FINISH’, plaster and colour in ONE from Tierrafino

Tierrafino’s most successful clay plaster!

Clay plaster ‘Finish’ colour and plaster in one for finishing and decorating interior walls in living and working areas. Tierrafino Clay plaster ‘FINISH’ is 100% natural and consists of different types of sand and coloured clay. Tierrafino FINISH clay plaster does not contain any chemical additives or colour pigments. The colour fastness, durability and adhesive capacity of FINISH clay plaster are purely natural properties.

Clay plaster ‘FINISH’ colour and plaster in one is moisture and heat regulating, cool in summer and warm in winter. Gives a pleasant atmosphere and a soft sound to the room.

Clay plaster ‘FINISH’ colour and plaster in one is a relief for your home. Clay plaster ensures a permanent good air quality in the house. A thin layer of clay plaster ‘FINISH’ makes the atmosphere noticeable and measurably better.

For an optimal indoor climate, a basecoating with clay plaster BASE is recommended. Thick layers with Tierrafino BASE increase the air quality in the room according to old clay construction traditions.

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FINISH Clay plaster colour and plaster in one brings glow, colour and atmosphere

Clay plaster has been used for thousands of years. Clay FINISH is also suitable for modern residential buildings. On ready-to-wallpaper and / or ready-to-paint walls, first apply primer / primer and then 2 mm to 3 mm clay plaster ‘FINISH’. FINISH clay plaster has a visually warm appearance and gives the home a southern atmosphere.


Tierrafino organizes workshops, seminars and training-courses on the application and plastering of clay plaster, clay finish, reinforced clay plaster, stucco Lustro, deco clay, clay paint, Tadelakt, lime plaster, and natural building with clay.

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Clay Plaster Tierrafino FINISH is available in many colours using 8 soft Earthen colours

Dover white, Delphi white, Roman ochre, Djenné red, Nassau orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green en Gomera grey are the standard colours which can be mixed to endless variations or – with natural Tierrafino pigments. The number of colour shades is therefore virtually unlimited. When it comes to colour, everyone has their own taste and preferences. The addition of natural Tierrafino pigments creates an even more personal effect.

The overview of colours can be found at the bottom of this page. Also view our all colour palette.

Grains of sand of different sizes provide an extra lively and warm effect.

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Properties of Tierrafino FINISH

  • Unlimited processing time
  • Professional or Do-It-Yourself
  • Apply in two layers on highly absorbent surfaces
  • Manual and machine application
  • Hardness comparable to lime plaster
  • Easy to fix
  • Vapor-permeable
  • Moisture and heat regulating
  • Antistatic
  • Shortens reverberation
  • Colourfast, does not contain metal oxide pigments
  • Sustainable
  • Circular
  • Reuse or dispose as waste in the garden