Clay Earth Plaster Tools

clay earth plaster tools

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People have been building the most amazing objects for thousands of years. Today we can hardly imagine how one could have built technical and optical architectural feasts for the eyes so accurately and precisely without complex tools. In my opinion it was the will, and we need that to make our life as a craftsman a celebration.

Clay earth plaster tools

Except for the MXS trowel, we supply Japanese trowels, plastic (18 and 21 cm) and metal (18 and 21 cm) (24 & 27 cm). The hand held brush is a tool typically used with clay plasters. Clay and lime plaster tools do not differ much from other tools. The plastic trowel is the only tool that differs nevertheless. This trowel is used a lot when smoothing the surface. All our tools are available from one of our Tierrafino dealers. Ask for our product catalogs. Clay and lime plaster tools are necessary for a correct plaster processing.

Of course, creating beautiful wall plasters also requires a careful specialist. The tools are not always everything. During my year-long stay in Morocco, I noticed that the craftsmen there didn’t have any sophisticated tools. Even with the simplest trowels, smoothers made from plastic bucket lids, floats made from waste wood, amazingly beautiful walls, ceilings, columns, stoves and ornaments are made here in the simplest possible way into amazing top-quality handcrafted products. A large, glittering collection of tools is not always the deciding factor in the appearance of architectural projects.

If you succeed, you can also make some of your tools yourself. It gives you extra strength to carry out your work. It turns you into an artist who develops your own ideas, and that gives you the extra strength you need when executing fantastic buildings.