‘DURO’ coloured clay in soft earth colours
for truly sustainable wall styling

Clay plaster Tierrafino ‘DURO’ clay plaster and colour combined into one great product for indoor use. ‘DURO’ clay plaster distinguishes itself from Tierrafino ‘FINISH’ and ‘BASE’ by the thinner, harder plaster layer. It is easy and quick to process. Tierrafino ‘DURO’ clay plaster has all the good properties of clay:

  • Vapor permeable
  • Moisture and heat regulating
  • Anti-fungal
  • Antistatic
  • Shorten reverberation
  • Colourfast
  • Sustainable
  • The natural binder makes it easy to finish smudge-proof
  • Long processing time
  • Professional and Do It Yourself
  • Apply in two layers on highly absorbent surfaces
  • Manual and machine application
  • Hardness comparable to lime plaster
  • Easy to fix
  • Mineral
  • Circular
  • Reuse or dispose as waste in the garden 


‘DURO’ makes walls shimmering slightly and gives the interior a fresh and sleek appearance. ‘DURO’ clay plaster is also a wonderful solution for offices and commercial spaces: it creates a pleasant yet very professional atmosphere. Clay plaster ‘DURO’ is a relief for your home.

An overview of colours can be found at the bottom of this page!

For optimizing the indoor climate, ‘DURO’ on top of a Tierrafino ‘BASE’ basecoat is a very excellent choice.

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Tierrafino organizes coaching, workshops, seminars and training courses on the application and plastering of clay plaster, clay finish, reinforced clay plaster, stucco Lustro, deco clay, clay paint, Tadelakt, lime plaster, and natural building with clay.

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Tierrafino ‘DURO’ Clay plaster is available in 8 soft earthen colours

Colour clay Dover white, Delphi white, Roman ocher, Djenné red, Nassau orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera gray. Standard colours that can be mixed and matched with each other or with other all natural Tierrafino color clay pigments. The number of available colour is therefore virtually unlimited. When it comes to colour, everyone has their own taste and preferences. The effect is even more personal by adding Tierrafino colour clay pigments. A comprehensive overview of the mixed standard colours ‘DURO’ and match with the corresponding NCS codes can be found in the Duro Mixing colour overview.

Grains of sand of different sizes provide an extra lively and warm effect.