Earthen Plaster Application Duro


Earthen Plaster Application Duro

Step by Step Professional Earthen Plaster Application Duro wall finish


Duro is a plaster and colored finish in one for interior use.


Dry and free of dust and grease. Smooth substrates must be primed with ’contact fine’.


Add 3-3,5 kg Duro to 1 liter water and mix well.

Application 1: Rough textured finish:

Apply Duro 1–2 mm thick with a metal trowel and let dry.

Application 2: Textured finish:

Apply Duro 1–2 mm thick with a metal trowel. Sponge surface while plaster is still moist with time intervals until the desired texture is achieved.


Application 3: Smooth finish:

Apply Duro 2 mm thick with a metal trowel. Sponge surface while plaster is still moist and smoothen with a plastic trowel with time intervals.


When Duro is still damp, or when dry, wipe the surface once more with a damp sponge. Then shortly brush with a coconut- or horse hair brush. This finishing shows sand and its sparkle. This process can be repeated several times as desired until the desired result is achieved.


Apply Duro at a temperature above 5°C.


Duro can be kept 3 years after date of manufacture. Duro produces no waste. Once mixed with straw and water, use within 1 week. Once Duro has been mixed with water, store the wet mixture in a cool room, e.g. basement, cellar


Textured finish: 1-1,5 mm thick – 1,3 kg/m2.

Smooth finish: 2 mm thick – 2 kg/m2.


Sands, clay and starch.

Safety instructions:

Wear safety glasses with induced risk(ceilings).


Keep closed, dry and cool.

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