Colors of the Earth

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Clay plaster Clay paint Tadelakt Color overview

Colors play an important role in our lives. They determine the atmosphere by their influence on our mood, they stimulate our senses and they largely determine our taste, whether we like something or not. The way a room is colored has complex effects on how the users feel. 

Discover the secret of – and the rich variety of Tierrafino color shades

In many ancient cultures, houses and especially temples were decorated with the most beautiful colors. Colors were unique, sometimes very rare, and no time was spared in bringing pigments on donkey or camel over thousands of miles. Stately buildings often display beautiful hues.
In recent years the demand for white in particular has been great and still trending. The look of businesslike , cleanliness, neatness, peaceful, and well organized, dominates the zeitgeist. Looking at the rich color chart below, it is curious in itself that the color white, which is not actually a color, dominates so much outdoors and indoors.

Let yourself go all the way with Tierrafino Color Clay – and Tadelakt colors!

Whether you want to use color to shape your personal atmosphere in your living or working space or, conversely, use color to have a “positive” influence. Let the colors from the surroundings flow in and flow over into your living or working space or, on the contrary, contrast and keep what is outside outside.

In the interplay of clay colors and pigments, the possibilities are unlimited

Tierrafino basically distinguishes between earth tones and pigments. With clay colors, we mix earth tones with colored clay and colored sand. With pigments, only a small percentage is added to colored plasters or paints.

If your color request falls outside our standard color shades, or you have a RAL colors or NCS code, we will develop your personal color preference for you.

This page is constantly evolving. When new color samples are created they will appear on this page. If you are interested in the many variations of our clay colors, it is useful to visit this page with some regularity.

Especially for professionals is the Technical Friday Morning. In 1.5 hours we explain clay construction in general and the technical applications of our clay products. There is no charge for our presentation.

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Clay stucco Loam paint Tadelakt Color loam overview

Basic and mixing colors


Tierrafino ‘Base‘, basic clay collection

clay stucco turnip-tin mortar or finishing mortar

basic clay S1 straw earth-moist

basic clay plaster S2 brown clay dry

basic clay plaster S2 straw earth-moist

basic clay S1 white with straw earth-moist

basic clay stucco S1 red straw earth moist

basic brown clay S2 straw dry

basic clay stucco brown clay S2 dry

fine clay S2 dry plaster layer Tierrafino



Tierrafino ‘Finish‘ color clay collection

gradient 100%, 33%, 8%, 4% mixed with Dover and additives

leemstuc Finish Dover

Finish Dover

leemstuc Finish Dover stro

Finish Dover Straw

leemstuc Finish Delphi

Finish Delphi

leemstuc Finish Delphi parelmoer

Finish Delphi Pearl

leemstuc Finish roman

Finish Roman

leemstuc Finish roman 33%

Finish Roman 33%

leemstuc Finish roman 8%

Finish Roman 8%

leemstuc Finish roman 5%

Finish Roman 4%

leemstuc Finish Nassau

Finish Nassau

leemstuc Finish Nassau 33%

Finish Nassau 33%

leemstuc Finish Nassau 8%

Finish Nassau 8%

leemstuc Finish Nassau 4%

Finish Nassau 4%

leemstuc Finish Djenne

Finish Djenne

leemstuc Finish Djenne 33%

Finish Djenne 33%

leemstuc Finish Djenne 8%

Finish Djenne 8%

leemstuc Finish Djenne 5%

Finish Djenne 4%

leemstuc Finish Ayers

Finish Ayers

leemstuc Finish Ayers 33%

Finish Ayers 33%

leemstuc Finish Ayers 8%

Finish Ayers 8%

leemstuc Finish Ayers 5%

Finish Ayers 4%

leemstuc Finish Iquitos

Finish Iquitos

leemstuc Finish Iquitos 33%

Finish Iquitos 33%

leemstuc Finish Iquitos 8%

Finish Iquitos 8%

leemstuc Finish Iquitos 5%

Finish Iquitos 4%

leemstuc Finish Gomera

Finish Gomera

leemstuc Finish Gomera 33%

Finish Gomera 33%

leemstuc Finish Gomera 8%

Finish Gomera 8%

leemstuc Finish Gomera 4%

Finish Gomera 4%





Tadelakt clay colors Tierrafino ‘Stone‘ collection

Stone Dover

Stone Delphi

Stone Roman

Stone Nassau

Stone Djenne

Stone Ayers

Stone Iquitos

Stone Gomera

Tadelakt Kassel Brown

Cassel brown

Tadelakt Mahoni


Tadelakt Metaal oxcide rood

Metal oxide red

Tadelakt pompejaans rood

Pompeian red

Tadelakt oranje


Tadelakt goud oker

Gold ocher

Tadelakt zwart oxcide

Black oxide

Tadelakt ultramarijn blauw

Ultramarine blue

Tadelakt cobalt blauw

Cobalt blue

Tadelakt congo groen

Congo green

Tadelakt veronese groen

Veronese green

Tadelakt persisch geel

Persian yellow


Clay plaster colors Tierrafino ‘Duro‘ collection

The % given below is the proportion of the color mentioned mixed with Dover White and additives

Duro Dover white clay plaster


Duro Dover white clay plaster Straw

Dover Straw

Duro Dover white clay black pearl

Dover black Pearl

Duro Delphi clay Plaster



Duro Roman 50/50 clay plaster

Roman 50%

Duro Roman 20/80 clay plaster

Roman 20%

Duro Nassau clay plaster


Duro Nassau 50/50 clay plaster

Nassau 50%

Duro Nassau 20/80 clay plaster

Nassau 20%

Duro Djenne clay plaster


Duro Djenne 50/50 clay plaster

Djenne 50%

Duro Djenne 80/20 clay plaster

Djenne 20%

Duro Ayers clay plaster


Duro Ayers 50/50 clay plaster

Ayers 50%

Duro Ayers 80/20 clay plaster

Ayers 20%

Duro Iquitos clay plaster


Duro Iquitos 50/50 clay plaster

Iquitos 50%

Duro Iquitos 80/20 clay plaster

Iquitos 20%

Duro Gomera clay plaster


Duro Gomera 50/50 clay plaster

Gomera 50%

Duro Gomera 80/20 clay plaster

Gomera 20%

Duro Dover hemp clay plaster

Dover Hemp

Duro Dover mother pearl clay plaster

Dover Mother Pearl

Duro Dover Sienna sand clay plaster

Dover Sienna sand

Duro Dover Nero Ebano clay plaster

Dover Nero Ebano

Duro Dover Runkelrot clay plaster

Dover Runkelrot

Duro Dover Quarzsand clay plaster

Dover Quarzsand





Clay paint colors Tierrafino ‘i-paint‘ collection

The % given below is the proportion of the color mentioned mixed with Dover White

i-paint Dover clay paint


i-paint Delphi clay paint


i-paint Roman clay paint


i-paint Nassau clay paint


i-paint Djenne clay paint


i-paint Ayers clay paint


i-paint Iquitos clay paint


i-paint Gomera clay paint


i-paint Roman 50% clay paint

Roman 50%

i-paint Roman 20% clay paint

Roman 20%

i-paint Nassau 50% clay paint

Nassau 50%

i-paint Nassau 20% clay paint

Nassau 20%

i-paint Djenne 50% clay paint

Djenne 50%

i-paint Djenne 20% clay pain

Djenne 20%

i-paint Ayers 50% clay paint

Ayers 50%

i-paint Ayers 20% clay paint

Ayers 20%

i-paint Iquitos 50% clay paint

Iquitos 50%

i-paint Iquitos 20% clay paint

Iquitos 20%

i-paint Gomera 50% clay paint

Gomera 50%

i-paint Gomera 20% clay paint

Gomera 20%