Clay stucco / clay plaster Tierrafino

Tierrafino FINISH is colour and plaster in one!

Special and practical!

FINISH Clay plaster

Clay plaster FINISH is one of our most successful clay plaster products. A beautiful clay plaster finish for finishing and decorating interior walls in living and working spaces. Clay plaster FINISH is 100% natural and consists of different types of sands and coloured clays. Grain thickness 0 to 1.1 mm.

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DURO reinforced colour plaster

Clay plaster DURO

DURO colour clay is a clay plaster combined into one product for indoor use. DURO clay plaster distinguishes itself from clay plaster Tierrafino FINISH and Tierrafino BASE by providing a thinner, harder plaster layer. It is easy and quick to process. Clay plaster DURO is 100% natural and consists of different types of sands, coloured clays and a natural binder. Grain thickness 0 to 0.7 mm.

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All steps for processing clay plaster

How to apply FINISH clay plaster is generally known to the skilled applicator. After good preparation, Tierrafino clay plaster FINISH is also quite easy to apply by the do-it-yourselfer.

Ideal for optimal functioning of the clay regarding heat and moisture regulation

Use a substrate of 15 – 30 mm brown BASE basecoat clay plaster. A surface with a thicker layer of base layer smoothens out irregularities on the wall surface, so that it does not require a primer.

The Technical Friday Morning (TFM) is a once week morning especially for professionals within the building – and designers industry. In approx. 1.5 hours our Tierrafino Clay Expert team will give a presentation on clay construction in general and the technical applications of our clay products specifically. This is also an opportunity to discuss your personal project using the application of clay. The TFM is free of charge.