Rammed Earth
clay construction technique
from Tierrafino

Rammed Earth is a pre-mixed earth-moist clay-sand-gravel mixture

Tierrafino Rammed Earth is suitable for the production of load-bearing and non-load-bearing wall elements and floors. It can be used indoors and outdoors when protected from water and rain. Rammed Earth is ecologically responsible. Rammed Earth is available in fine gravel grit 0/8 mm and coarse gravel grit 0/16 mm.

Rammed Earth only acquires the necessary strength through proper compaction.

Because Rammed Earth is layered, the individual layers and formwork impressions remain visible on the surface after the formwork is removed. Because of the massive structure, Rammed Earth walls can stay warm for a long time. Rammed earth is also suitable as an outer wall of an oven. Rammed Earth may be reused or disposed as waste in the garden after use.

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