Lime mortar Tierrafino lime plaster for the interior

Lime mortar, lime plaster is a building material with a long history:

Burnt, purely natural lime mortar has been known since ancient civilization as a very effective building material. Decorative lime mortar has been used as far back as ancient Egypt, from Roman villas to the unique design of the walls in Venetian palaces as an expression of culture, prosperity and success.

Today, lime mortar and lime paint is one of the most versatile building materials and indispensable in the design of interior walls from simple wall paint to plaster.

This interior plaster also has a positive effect on the healthy indoor climate of a building.

Tierrafino Lime mortar is available in 25 kg bags and can be used in the interior 5 – 10 mm plus Lime-fine 3 – 5 mm.

InNOVAcal lime mortar plaster for the exterior

InNOVAcal lime mortar is a high-quality, ready-to-use, trass and cement-free air-lime mortar.

The basic idea in the development of InNOVAcal ® is to ensure that pure and high-quality air lime products not only meet the requirements for restoration, but also those of contemporary building materials.

Without acrylates, polymers and hydraulic binders, this vision has come true with the InNOVAcal® range.

Speciaal voor professionals is de Technical Friday Morning. In 1,5 uur geven wij uitleg over leembouw in het algemeen en de technische toepassingen van onze leemproducten. Aan onze presentatie zijn geen kosten verbonden.

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