Tierrafino Gloss Stucco ‘Listro’

Create high-gloss Venetian stucco with ‘LISTRO’!


STUCCO LUSTRO Tierrafino ‘Listro’ is a gloss clay plaster for interior walls and ceilings made of base clay plaster or primed with Tierrafino contact.

The all natural ‘Listro’ is mixed with a vegetable wax, creating a beautiful shiny effect.

The attractive thing about ‘Listro’ clay gloss plaster is that subtle color nuances are created when applied to the wall due to the different gloss depths. ‘Listro’ is a product often chosen to give interiors a special accent. This can be a home, but also an office, shop, an entrance or the foyer of a theater. Architects often use Listro to alternate a wall with a matt structure with a glossy stucco lustro surface.

The color overview of ‘Listro’ is at the bottom of this page!

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Clay color wall decoration
Soft colors provide soft reflections

Dover white, Delphi white, Roman ocher, Djenné red, Nassau orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera gray. Standard colors that can be mixed with each other or with other natural Tierrafino pigments. The number of color shades is therefore virtually unlimited.

When it comes to color, everyone has their own taste and preference. Tierrafino pigments create an even more personal effect.