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Points of Sale. Our resellers can be found worldwide.

Points of Sale. Dealers do not always have our complete product range in stock. Make an effort to place your order early so that everything is in the house on time. In the countries where we do not have a dealer or importer, we deliver directly to projects and to the door. Nowadays it is possible to deliver materials anywhere in the world. For large orders, it is always advisable to study the delivery situation carefully: is the route suitable for heavy goods vehicles? Are unloading machines or facilities available on site, or does the truck have to have its own unloading devices on the vehicle? Check upon delivery that the goods have been delivered without any damage and that the quantities ordered are correct.Goods that have been accepted can no longer be exchanged at a later point in time. Missing goods must be reported upon delivery. Damaged buckets or sacks are to be photographed and it is used to examine where the damage occurred in order to draw up an insurance report. For orders, it is advisable to always order at least 5% more material than the calculated mass, so you always have enough building material on site. For the storage of the materials it is good to have dry and clean storage rooms. For information on how to process and mix our products, please read our product sheets. Don’t hesitate to put your questions about our products to us or our local representative. Properly processed, our products add visual and ecological value to your building. Clay walls and ceilings ensure a healthy indoor climate through their opsorption option. The humidity in the room fluctuates between 45% and 55%, which is very comfortable for living beings. The sound is reduced by clay walls and voices sound muffled. Very thick clay walls (80cm) can ensure cool interiors in very hot climates without additional equipment.

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