Clay Paint Samples Order

Clay paint samples are the most beautiful handmade exemplary of i-Paint, so that you can choose what best suits your interior.


I-Paint Samples


Clay Paint Samples Order

Clay paint i-paint is a paint that is supplied wet. Stir well after opening and process. Once opened, the paint should be used within 2 months. Avoid organic pollution: e.g. sweat or breadcrumbs. Apply paint with a roller or brush. Substrates should be dry, free of grease and dust. Pre-treat metal stains and chimney stains with an appropriate primer. Ask your paint dealer.

The colors can be mixed together endlessly, so you can get many different shades. In addition, it is possible to add pigments to the color, which allows the color spectrum to be infinitely expanded. Please note that the mixed colors are thoroughly mixed to avoid stains.