Tierrafino ‘i-paint’ – natural clay paint

Tierrafino ‘i-paint’ is a clay paint for interior walls and ceilings. This paint consists for the most part of clay powder, originating from various quarries in Europe, and has a fine soft structure. Walls and ceilings with clay paint add an interesting and playful touch to any interior. Tierrafino ‘i-paint’ also has some very pleasant properties, it is vapor-permeable and contains almost no chemical solvents * thereby contributing to a pleasant and very healthy climate in your home or workspace.

* Our clay paints typically come without any additives, such as our dry clay paints, or come with extremely low levels of additives, far below any permitted amount. View our product data sheets at instruction for a full and transparent overview. A. BOK & ZN Amsterdam is partner for our wet clay paints.

Colors of our Earth – in endless variations

Tierrafino ‘i-paint’ comes in 8 soft Earth colors. Dover white, Delphi white, Roman ocher, Djenné red, Nassau orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera gray. These standard colors can be mixed with one another or with other natural Tierrafino pigments, allowing endless color variations. Application of different effects gives each space it’s unique look and ends up just a little (or a lot) different and extra exciting. Take a look at the ‘i-paint’ color overview at the bottom of the page.

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It’s a simple and easy job!

Tierrafino ‘i-paint’ is simple and easy to apply yourself. It is ready for use in the bucket, and can be diluted with water. It adheres well to most surfaces. Very smooth or highly absorbent surfaces require pre-treatment with primer Contact fine. Tierrafino ‘i-paint’ can be applied with a brush or with a roller.
For complete instructions on how to apply and further technical information see the product data sheet or read the “HOW TO WORK WITH” page: 



The Technical Friday Morning (TFM) is a once week morning especially for professionals within the building – and designers industry. In approx. 1.5 hours our Tierrafino Clay Expert team will give a presentation on clay construction in general and the technical applications of our clay products specifically. This is also an opportunity to discuss your personal project using the application of clay. The TFM is free of charge.


Djenné’s mud houses as an inspiration for Tierrafino clay paint and clay plaster.

By clay artist Carl Giskes

“In the 1970s I traveled through Africa, Asia and America for seven years to get to know other cultures and to orientate myself on my future.
In Africa I ended up in the famous city of Djenné, which made an indelible impression on me. I saw how the people built their houses with clay. These houses are a pleasure to live and work in.
When I returned from my world trip, I decided to introduce clay building here in the Netherlands. In 1992 I founded ‘Leembouw Nederland’, a company that made mineral, environmentally friendly stuccos, paints and other clay products with the brand name Tierrafino (Fine Earth).