Tools Clay Lime plaster
Tools Clay Lime plaster
Tools Clay Lime plaster


Tierrafino organizes workshops, seminars, training courses and provides internships on the application of base clay, brown basecoat, clay paints and clay plasters, stuccos, deco, Tadelakt, Concrete Look, clay construction, and natural building with clay in general. Are you interested? Just sign up!

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Tools Clay Lime plaster

Tools for Clay and for Lime

Polishing Stones for Original Moroccan Tierrafino STONE Tadelakt

The polishing stones for Tadelakt must lie well in the hand, so that the hand does not get cramped during polishing. Agates are the best kind of stones. The stones are cut by hand by our experts. Upon special request, we can make the stones the way our customers want them. We also have Moroccan pebbles our assortment. These stones are intended to further compact a smooth plastered surface of Tadelakt and to obtain a nice hand-made appearance.

Read more about polishing stones on the Stone product page

Tools for Clay and for Lime Plasters

Brushes and Rollers for Clay Paint

Venetian Gloss Plaster and Tierrafino Primer. Good brushes, brushes and rollers are indispensable for optimal application of clay paint and Venetian plaster.

Tierrafino products are made on a water basis. Tools are therefore easy to keep clean. Always use the best quality brushes and rollers for the best results. These can be used for i-paint, T-paint, DryPaint and Listro

Brushes and Sponges for optimal finishing of Tierrafino Clay Stucco

Good brushes and sponges are necessary for creating a beautiful clay stucco.
After applying clay plasters Tierrafino Finish or Duro with a plaster trowel, the marks of the plaster trowel are still visible. Sponging with a wet sponge can sand away these marks. After the stucco has set a little, the surface can now be made dust-free by intensive sweeping with a hard brush. Now the wall will shimmer, and you’re done!

  • MXS Trowel for clay and lime plaster 33cm. The large MXS trowel is handy for applying the entire plaster
  • Japan Trowel for clay and lime plaster
    24 & 27 cm metal. Japan trowel metal is used to plaster and polish the stucco layer
  • Japan Trowel – 18 & 21 cm plastic & metal clay construction tool of the year. You may use the Japan plastic Trowel to plaster and polish white stucco layers
  • Sanding board – With the sanding board you can model the plaster completely in the way you want
    Clean the tools with water and dry immediately after cleaning