How to apply Ecological clay paint DryPaint

Ecological Clay paintwork

To apply Tierrafino ‘DryPaint’ clay paint is quite easy.

Preparing the surface

The temperature of the air and the substrate must be at least 5 ° C. Constantly dry and free from dust and grease. Very colorful surfaces need an extra layer or a pre-treatment with Tierrafino Contact Fine.

Apply Tierrafino Contact Fine on smooth surfaces, where there are doubts about adhesion and surfaces that do not absorb.

Apply Tierrafino Fix on highly absorbent surfaces. In case of allergy to preservatives, apply an extra layer of ‘DryPaint’ instead of Contact Fine or Fix.

Because ‘DryPaint’ forms a very thin layer, the structure of the substrate remains visible. To create a flat and good surface, first apply Tierrafino Lime plaster or BASE clay plaster.


Tierrafino ‘DryPaint’ is a clay based powder that is mixed with water to form a paint. Do not mix more paint than should be used within 2 days. Slowly add 1 kg of ‘DryPaint’ to 1, d liter of water while stirring and mix for 5 minutes with a drill with a small paint mixer. Small lumps will still be visible. Let the paint sit for 30 minutes. Now mix for another 5 minutes with the paint mixer on a high speed up to getting a smooth paint without lumps.

If Tierrafino ‘DryPaint’ is not applied until a day later after mixing, mix the paint well again with a drill with a small plaster mixer. After 2 days, the wet paint starts to become less tacky and will then be harder to process.


‘DryPaint’ is applied with a brush or roller, to refine the structure, iron / roll the surface after a few minutes. The finer the structure, the better the coverage. Create any structure you want and let it dry completely. Apply a second coat as described above for at least 4 hours after complete drying of the previous coat. In most cases, two coats are sufficient for good coverage.


Under normal circumstances (+ 20 ° C and 60% humidity), ‘DryPaint’ is dry between 2 and 6 hours. Fully dried after two days. Mask off ‘DryPaint’ with light-adhesive masking tape after 24 hours of drying.




Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. With increased risk (such as with ceilings) always wear safety goggles. For further information, consult the Tierrafino ‘DryPaint’ Safety Data Sheet.


Stir the pigment paste well into the water before adding it to ‘DryPaint’ as described above.


Easy to use with stenciling techniques. Use light-adhesive stencils / painter’s tape.
To mix Tierrafino ‘DryPaint’ with Tierrafino Pigment powder, the pigment must first completely dispersed in water. In order to prevent release, the maximum amount to be added must be determined for each pigment, this is different for each pigment.
DryPaint can be finished with various types of wax.
For complete application instructions and further technical information:
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