Adhesive Plaster TierraCol

Tierrafino TierraCol is an adhesive primer, tin layer and adhesive mortar based on clay for various purposes in the interior. This adhesive clay has been developed to overcome absorption differences between plasterboard and seam filler filled seams. TierraCol is used for applying and gluing clay boards, corner profiles, wood fiber insulation boards, Multipor insulation blocks on sufficiently load-bearing constructions. Use TierraCol as an alternative to our regular Tierrafino Contact primer. In many situations a primer must be used for adhesion and durability of layers of plaster used on different substrates. Our TierraCol adheres to almost all surfaces. Of course, these must be dry, grease-free and dust-free. Also to be considered are rust stains and metals, these should first be treated with insulating compound

Tierrafino TierraCol

  • High adhesive strength
  • Can also be used as a final finish
  • Hard and scratch resistant after drying
  • Professional use and Do-It-Yourselfer
  • Moisture regulating
  • Vapour Permeable
  • Antistatic
  • Anti-fungal
  • Sustainable
  • Circular
  • Waste can be disposed of in the garden 

For application instructions, surface overview and technical information about Tierrafino TierraCol Clay primer, see the product datasheet.

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