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Clay plaster effects Tierrafino ‘Effects’

Tierrafino ‘Effects’ have been especially developed for the decorative enrichment of the various Tierrafino wall finishing products. Note that Effects also influence the composition of the clay products.

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Tadelakt and Clay plaster pigments

Tierrafino ‘Pigments’ for Tadelakt and Clay plaster provide a range of colour pigments intended for colouring Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt. The pigments can also be added to clay products such as Tierrafino ‘FINISH’, ‘DURO’, T-Paint and DryPaint. Tierrafino ‘Pigments’ are real-lime pigments that are therefore also suitable for use in combination with lime products.

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Finishing Tadelakt and Clay Plaster

Black Olive Oil Soap Beldi for Tadelakt, content 500 gr. or 5 Kg.
Tadelakt SOAP Beldi is used for processing and maintenance of Tierrafino ‘STONE’ Tadelakt.

Clay-finishing Wax, content 650ml
Tierrafino ‘Wax’ acrylic is a self-glossing wax to protect and make various Tierrafino products water-repellent, such as ‘LISTRO’, ‘STONE’, ‘FINISH’, ‘DURO’, ‘T-Paint’ and ‘i-paint’.

Finishing Clay Plaster

Clay Fixative and binder for Clay Plaster, contents 5 Liter.
Tierrafino ‘Fix’ serves as a reinforcement of Tierrafino ‘FINISH’ and as a primer for highly absorbent surfaces.

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