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i-paint the main tools

Clay Paint i-paint tools such as brushes, rollers, masking film, cleaning products such as sponges and cloths are essential for proper processing of clay paint.


Clay paint suitable for prepared walls and ceilings in the interior.
Only applicable in the exterior where protected from direct contact with water. Suitable for humid rooms, do not apply where there is a chance of direct contact with water.

Suitable for painting of prepared substrates like base clay-, gypsum- and lime plasters, concrete and dry wall systems.

8 standard colors can be mixed amongst each other to create new shades: Dover white, Delphi white, Roman Ochre, Nassau orange, Djenné red, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera grey. The palette of colors can be extended endlessly by mixing with Tierrafino pigment. Due to the character of natural earth pigments used, slight variations in color may appear between batches of the same color. Check the batch numbers mentioned on labels on the packaging. If you have several batch numbers, we advise to intermix these to avoid variations in color.

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Clay paint Tierrafino i-paint is is a clay paint for interior walls and ceilings. This clay paint consists mainly of clay and sand, from various mineral quarries in Europe. Out of these ingredients we produce clay paint with a fine and soft texture. Walls and ceilings painted with clay paint Tierrafino i-paint add an interesting and playful appeal to your interior. Tierrafino clay paint has other pleasing characteristics: it is vapour permeable and contains no solvents. These properties of clay paint contribute to a comfortable and healthy environment in your home and work space. Clay paint is easy to apply. Tools used for clay colors paint are easy to clean. Tierrafino color clay paint wow!