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Earthen Mud Plaster Substrate, since the dawn of humanity, houses have been built from earth and mud. In many cases, most people found the necessary basic materials on their doorstep. It’s different today. In urban areas the floors are too concrete or asphalted, and going out and simply digging a hole and taking the soil home with you is in many cases forbidden. You quickly have the law enforcement on your back. We at Tierrafino have made it our mission to fill this hole in the market and help with the procurement of the materials through to delivery to your doorstep. Clay plasters, reed mats, jute reinforcement, clay building panels and adhesive primer are the ideal substrates for your house. We deliver the basic clays from 1kg – 25kg – 1000kg and in silos with 18000kg. You can place orders from your phone, no matter where you are, 24/7 day or night and we will deliver to your door at the time agreed with you.

Earthen Mud Plaster substrate

A good substrate for Finish can be chosen from a range of materials:

Tierrafino Base, with or without straw, and two kinds of lime plaster.

We also have jute in two sizes for reinforcement.

We advise you to read the product sheets of Base and lime plaster before you start work, that helps quite a bit.

Our clay- and lime plaster substrates are all natural.

Clay and lime plaster substrates have been used for thousands of years. We would be happy to help you realize your house building plans. It is always a pleasure for us to have satisfied residents of a clay house, especially when people can feel the health aspect as well as the insulating contribution and the acoustic properties of clay

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