Tadelakt manual processing regulations Tierrafino Stone Moroccan Plaster

Tadelakt polijst steen
Polishing Tadelakt with a Tierrafino polishing stone Photo: Carl Giskes

Tadelakt manual processing regulations Tierrafino ‘Stone’

Working with Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Lime Mortar

Tadelakt manual processing regulations. Tadelakt lime mortar Tierrafino ‘Stone’ is considered one of the most difficult plasters to work with. Unless you are a very experienced do-it-yourselfer, it is wise to have Tierrafino ‘Stone’ applied by a professional. For a shiny result in all respects you need: Tierrafino Stone, Tadelakt soap and the right tools including a polishing stone. If you want to get started with lime mortar yourself, you will find the processing instructions, the requirements for the substrate and further technical information in the productbladen voor Tierrafino ‘Stone’ (pdf) and Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Soap (pdf). The other pages can be found under downloads. In addition, the clear instruction video below provides additional information and inspiration about processing Tierrafino ‘Stone’. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles when watching the video, which is available in various languages!

Tadelakt Page

Tadelakt manual processing regulations Tierrafino Stone Moroccan Plaster

– only for the real professional

Tadelakt means (loosely translated) to rub or massage.

Tierrafino Stone has a marble-like appearance and is impact-resistant after curing.

The special Stone effect is obtained by polishing the lime plaster with a stone.

Tadelakt Manual Tierrafino Stone


Processing Tierrafino Stone Tadelakt is not easy, but after sufficient practice a good result is achievable. Constantly observing the drying process of the wall or object is important for achieving a beautiful Tadelakt end result.


The temperature of the air and of the wall / object must not be lower than 5ºC. It is wise to keep the doors and windows of the room closed during and after processing Tadelakt. Also avoid the presence of a heat source in the workplace, such as a heater, large construction lamps or direct sunlight.


Load-bearing, stable, constantly dry, absorbent, sufficiently coarse for mechanical bonding and free of dust and grease. Remove film-binding residues. Tierrafino Base is a suitable surface for dry areas. In wet areas, a waterproof surface is required. Preferably prime the wall with Ardex P52 and then plaster 6mm Ardex A950. To prevent structural cracks, the surface must not warp or bend under all circumstances.

Tadelakt ondergrond Kalk- Zand- Cementmortel
Tadelakt substrate coarse Lime-Sand-Cement mortar


To apply Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt wall finish, you need: tub, mixer, metal trowel, plastic trowel, wooden float board, sponge, polishing stone, brush, polishing of plastic materials such as a plastic bag.

The stone used for polishing the Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt wall finish is preferably a semi-precious stone, such as an agate. In any case, the stone must have a hardness of at least 5 out of 10. The harder the better. The stone should fit comfortably in your hand and should have an apparent flat side (slightly rounded) for polishing. Basalt and granite are excellent types of stone to work with. These types of stone can be cut into oval shapes with rounded edges. In addition to Tierrafino outlets, suitable Tadelakt stones can also be found in mineral & fossil shops and on the river side.

Add water

Tadelakt mixing Tierrafino Stone lime mortar

Wall finish Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt is supplied in powder form in the appropriate buckets. It is possible to add water immediately and to process the stucco immediately. For a more spreadable paste, after adding the 5.5 liters of water to the 12.5 kg of Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt powder, leave the bucket with the lid on for 72 hours. Stirring in between is not necessary.

When the bucket is opened after three days  an apparently dry mass is found. Put this (albeit moist) Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt in a tub, add a little water and stir to create a nice spreadable paste. Stir for at least 15 minutes.

Tadelakt Pigment

Humidify wall/object

Tadelakt ondergrond bevochtigen
Moisten Tadelakt substrate

Dampen the wall. The surface, even if it is not absorbent, must always be wetted just before applying the Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt. Otherwise there is a risk that the Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt will not adhere.
Just set up substrates (min. 24 hours) still contain sufficient moisture and therefore enough time to properly finish the Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt. The drier the substrate, the more it must be moistened just before applying the Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt. Lees daarvoor eerst de  informatie over verschillende ondergronden in het werkblad.

Apply Tadelakt

Tadelakt opbrengen
Apply Tadelakt with a trowel
Tadelakt aanbrengen
Apply Tadelakt
Tadelakt verwerken
Apply Tadelakt Tierrafino ‘Stone’

Tadelakt manual processing regulations Tierrafino Stone Moroccan Plaster. Apply the Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt with a layer of 4-5 mm on the wall. Now wait until the plaster has set in such a way that only the top 1-2 mm are still workable.

Tadelakt Tools

Shaping / smoothing

Apply and level out Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt lime plaster

Flatten the wall, or give a more precise shape to your object, with a wet wood float board. Different shapes of wooden float boards are needed for the different three-dimensional objects. If the desired shape is not achieved after one floating, wait a while and float again.

Tadelakt met houtplank schuren

Floating Tadelakt with wood board Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Photo: Wolf Backhaus

Tadelakt schuren
Tadelakt smooth floating Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Photo: Carl Giskes

Smooth plastering

Then smooth the wall or object with a metal or plastic trowel. To push the smaller lime particles to the surface, which are necessary to give the different effects to the Tadelakt finish, such as Venetian stucco, or to create a very smooth surface, more or less force is required depending on the material experience.

Tadelakt met plastic spaan glad maken
Smoothing Tadelakt with a plastic trowel Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Photo: Wolf Backhaus

It is important to regularly polish the entire surface to constantly push fine lime particles to the surface. It is better to chip in one place more often for a short time than less often and for a very long time.


Before the surface has dried completely, it is possible to make grooves, like in a long-playing record, with a stone. Small, circular movements with the stone structure the surface. This action is representative of the use of the stone in the wet state of Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt.

Tadelakt met steen polisten
Tadelakt with stone polishing Tierrafino ‘Stone’ lime mortar from Marrakech
Tadelakt polijsten
Polishing Tadelakt Tierrafino ‘Stone’ lime mortar

Create Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt structure.
This technique makes certain movements on the wall that become visible at a later stage through the different incidences of light on the Tierrafino Stone Tadelakt.
By then polishing with a plastic trowel and waiting shorter or longer, the structures rubbed with the stone are more or less rubbed away. While polishing, look for the moment when the drawing of the stone remains and an even shine is created.

Obtaining an even shine becomes increasingly difficult if you wait too long before polishing with plastic after treatment with the stone!


Tadelakt Scrafito
Tadelakt Scrafito Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Processor: Gabi Krewet Photo: Carl Giskes
Tadelakt FIU LOGO
Tadelakt FIU LOGO Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Applicator: Carl Giskes Photo: Waldo Bien
Tadelakt en goud
Tadelakt and gold leaf Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Processor: Carl Giskes Photo: Carl Giskes FIU Bolongano Italy

Tadelakt manual processing regulations Tierrafino Stone Moroccan Plaster. Make Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt Scraffito
Before Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt is polished with soapy water, it is possible to scratch a Scraffito in the Tadelakt. This scratched Tadelakt is also waterproof after polishing it with a stone and soapy water. Polishing also makes these specific structural areas stronger.

Polish with soapy water

Tadelakt met zeep polijsten
Polishing Tadelakt with beldi soap Tierrafino ‘Stone’ EXPO2000 Hanover
Tadelakt zeep opbrengen
Apply Tadelakt soap Tierrafino ‘Stone’ lime mortar from Morocco

When, through continuous polishing, a shine has been obtained on the Tierrafino Stone Tadelakt, allow it to dry between 6 and 24 hours (depending on drying speed), before polishing the wall or object with a mixture of 1 x part Tierrafino’ Stone’ Tadelakt soap and 15 x parts of water.

In some cases it is necessary to wait longer than 24 hours before polishing with stone and soap.

If you polish with soap too early, there is a chance that the surface will be roughened again by the stone. The soapy water is applied with a brush.

If drops appear that run down the wall, you should quickly scrub them off with a soft cloth!

Make sure that enough soapy water has been applied to allow the stone to slide smoothly over the Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt and make small, circular movements with the stone.

After polishing with the stone comes polishing with a sock in a thin plastic bag, also with small circular movements. The soapy water reacts with the Tadelakt, making the Tadelakt waterproof.

Do not polish one spot on the wall for more than 2 minutes. Polish for 2 minutes, wait an hour, then polish for another 2 minutes, and so on!

Tadelakt Soap

Polishing 2

As long as Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt still has its wet colour, it is still possible to slightly push the stucco layer in with a stone and soapy water. Bathrooms and other wet areas must be treated at least 5 times with a stone and soapy water. There is no precise time frame within which the 5 polishing cycles must take place, which could be within two days or a week.

Tadelakt boenen
Scrub Tadelakt with soapy water

After 6 weeks, apply soapy water to the wall or object again and rub with a soft cloth until the soapy water has been completely rubbed in.


Repairs are always possible. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Apply Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt to the damaged area and finish as described above. Repairs remain,  more or less,  but always visible, which gives charm and liveliness to the whole over time.


Manual Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt, when wet, is perishable and workable within 2 months after adding water. Provided that the wet Tadelakt is kept tightly closed in the original Tierrafino ‘Stone’ bucket, a spreadable paste can be made again by adding a little water and stirring.

Drying time

Depending on temperature, humidity of the air and to what extent the substrate absorbs, Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt needs between 2 hours and 24 hours to dry in such a way that polishing to a shine can already take place.

The permanent color can be seen after about 1 week. After about 6 months, the Tadelakt is completely hardened. Walls of a shower cubicle may be loaded after 1 week, bathroom floors after 4 weeks.

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