Tadelakt Tools
Tadelakt polish with Carl


Tadelakt tools polishing stone, trowel and wooden float

Tierrafino has the trowel you need, in metal or plastic, whatever the size of the area you are plastering. We grind for you stones at the request of agate or flint, for flat surfaces and inside or outside corners.

Tadelakt stone and trowel tools are important for a good result.

Use only hart stones and plastic trowels for polishing Tadelakt.

Metal trowels are good for apply Tadelakt.

Wouden float is used to create a flat surface.

Working with good tools makes it much easier to work with Tadelakt. The question arises whether this is always necessary. I lived in Morocco for 1 year and worked a lot with the local craftsmen, their great strength in the execution of the Tadelakt work was not due to shiny magnificent tools but to the team spirit and with self-made tools such as hand smoothers cut from plastic bucket lids, the wooden floats sawn from waste wood and the stones are everywhere in Morocco in the wild. The results were amazing walls, columns, ceilings and ornaments in the five star hotels in Marrkech. My Dutch and all other western friends are always overwhelmed when entering this Fata Mogana architectur, and only one thing they want when they come home, fabricate something similar in their home country.

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