Tadelakt Clay Plaster Pigment

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Pigments voor leem en Tadelakt Clay


Tadelakt Clay Plaster Pigment


Above: Tadelakt and Clay Plaster ‘Pigment’; Black Oxide – Titanium White – Pompeian Red – Metal Oxide Red

Middle: Tadelakt and Clay Plaster ‘Pigment’; Mahogany – Kasseler Brown – Orange – Gold Ocher – Persian Yellow

Below: Tadelakt and Clay Plaster ‘Pigment’; Veronese Green – Congo Green – Cobalt Blue color – Ultramarine Blue

‘Pigment’, Tierrafino ‘Pigment’, is a range of coloring pigment intended for coloring Tierrafino ‘Stone’ Tadelakt. The pigment can also be added to the clay products Tierrafino ‘Finish’, ‘Duro ,  T-Paint’ and ‘DryPaint. Tierrafino’ Pigment’ is a lime-like pigment that is therefore also suitable in combination with lime products.

With Tierrafino ‘Stone’ tadelakt, the number of color shades is virtually unlimited due to standard colors that can be mixed with each other or with natural Tierrafino pigments.

Clay plaster and paint is available in 8 soft earth colours

Dover white, Delphi white, Roman ocher, Djenné red, Nassau orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera gray are the standard colors that can be mixed with each other or with natural Tierrafino pigments. When it comes to color, everyone has their own taste and preference. The addition of Tierrafino pigments creates an even more personal effect.

Tadelakt and Clay Plaster ‘Pigment’

• Ready to use in the packaging • Odorless • Pigment is lime and UV resistant. All pigments are water resistant • except Ultramarine blue. • Do-It-Yourself/Professional. • Storage advice: Store dry and cool, but free from frost.

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