TIERRAFINO PROtect coating

Tierrafino PROtect is a Biobased Coating for natural clay- and lime- based paints and plasters.
Tierrafino PROtect is a damp-open, moist regulating natural impregnate for natural and mineral surfaces such as clay and lime. Tierrafino PROtect can be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces. The product is suitable for industrial, professional use and do-it-yourself.

Packaging, and Storage

HDPE jerrycan 1 liter, 5 liter and 20 liter.

Tierrafino PROtect is ready for use.

In the original, closed packaging, stored in a cool and frost-free place, for at least 12 months.

Instructions for use

Tierrafino PROtect is most effectively applied using a low pressure sprayer. It is also easily applied using a brush, roller or sponge.

  • Shake well before use
  • Make sure the surface is dry and free from dirt
  • Work from top to bottom
  • Apply the first layer in such a way that the entire surface to be treated is slightly moistened; saturating the substrate should be avoided
  • Leave the product on for about 1 hour
  • Apply a second coat; prevent droplet formation on the substrate
  • Allow the agent to dry (polymerize) for 24 hours and avoid wetting the surface


The consumption of the impregnating agent strongly depends on the absorbency of the substrate. The return varies depending on the structure. Experience shows that with 1 litre of agent, approx. 10m2 can be treated on a coarse surface and approx. 13m2 on a smooth surface.