TIERRAFINO INtense additive

Tierrafino INtense is a ready-for-use additive for hardening and protection of natural clay based paints and plasters. It hardens the material and provides aan improved resistance against wear and tear. Tierrafino INtense is a water-based additive. Adding the product to clay paints or plasters before applying to the substrate the hardness and scratch resistance of the material is improved. The hydrophobic features of clay are maintained.
Tierrafino INtense is 100% natural, bio-based, and specially developed based on age-old Mayan knowledge in combination with the expertises of Tierrafino en Impershield.

Packaging, Mixing ratio and Storage

HDPE jerrycan 1 liter, 5 liter and 20 liter.

Add between 3% to 5% (volume) to the clay-paint or plaster.
Note: It is advised not to exceed an added volume of 5%. Adding more may cause saturation and may cause cracks in the dried material.
Dependend on the nature and coarseness of the clay paints and plasters, and the required end-result.

Indicative amount of additive to clay paint or plaster:
1 liter is suitable for abt. 20 to 25 Kg Clay material
5 liter is suitable for abt. 100 to 125 Kg Clay material
20 liter is suitable for abt. 400 to 500 Kg Clay material

In the original, closed packaging, stored in a cool and frost-free place, for at least 12 months.


Add between 3% to 5% (by volume) to the clay paint or plaster.
Note: we do advise not to exceed the 5% volume ratio to avoid potential cracking of the render.
Shake well before use. Determine the desired amount of addition.
After addition, stir with an electrically driven mixer for at least 5 minutes, so that the additive is well and evenly distributed in the loam paint or plaster.
Ensure good drying after application.