TierraCol Tierrafino

TierraCol Tierrafino adhesive clay is an adhesive primer, tin coating and adhesive mortar based on clay for various purposes in the interior. Bonding clay has been developed to eliminate absorption differences between plasterboards and seams filled with seam filler. Adhesive clay for the application and bonding of clay plates, angle profiles, wood fiber insulation boards, Multipor insulation blocks against sufficient load-bearing constructions.

Use adhesive clay as an alternative to Tierrafino contact primer. TierraCol Bonding Clay a thin pre-plaster layer for further finishing coats or paint

Our adhesive clay prime is very suitable for modeling motifs as shown in the photo above, treated with a plaster comb for another thick layer of plaster TierraCol is quite good to use.

TierraCol is also suitable as a top coat. Because of its particularly high impact resistance, the plaster can be compacted if it is intensively smoothed over a long period of time with a plastering trowel. Untreated,

TierraCol is water-soluble. Surface treated with Tierrafino INtens or PROtect can be made water-repellent.

Only process over well-cleaned surfaces as well as grease-free, dry and clean. Avoid large rust stains and chimney stains treat them with primer first. Ask at your paint store.

Bonding clay TierraCol Tierrafino

  • Do-It-Yourself/Professional
  • High adhesive strength
  • Hard and scratch resistant after drying
  • Manual and machine processing
  • Can also be used as a final finish
    vapor open
  • Moisture regulating
  • Antistatic
  • Anti-fungal
  • Sustainable circular
  • Garbage can be thrown away in the garden

For processing instructions, substrate overview and technical information about Hechtleem Terracol Tierrafino, see the product sheet

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