Pigments for Clay finishes and Tadelakt

Pigments Clay Tadelakt Product


Tierrafino brings you an almost unlimited range of Tadelakt colors, Tadelakt pigments give you even more choice

Oxides of various metals.

500 gram plastic container, except Gold Ocher: 250 gram plastic container.

Store dry and cool but free from frost.

If properly closed and stored according to the storage advice, Pigment has an unlimited shelf life.


Follow the instructions of the product to which Pigment is added.

Pigments Clay Tadelakt can be mixed with Tierrafino Stone in 2 ways; mix the dry pigment with dry or wet Stone. Do not add more than 10% Tierrafino Pigment to Tierrafino Stone Delphi white in wet rooms such as shower walls and steam cabins. Do not add more than 5% Pigment Titanium white to Tierrafino Stone Delphi white to prevent color transfer. Soak Pigment in sufficient water for at least 24 hours to make mixing with Tierrafino Finish, Duro and T-Paint easier. Pigment can be added to Tierrafino Finish, but also add Tierrafino Fix to prevent color transfer. Apply Fix afterwards or mix it with Finish and Pigment and process according to the instructions of Finish and Fix..

Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Wear gloves, goggles and dust mask. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes rinse well, in case of contact with skin wash with soap. Consult a doctor if irritation persists. For other information, please refer to the Pigment Safety Data Sheet.


Tierrafino Pigment is a range of chalk-fast pigments that are suitable for use in combination with Tadelakt lime products. Pigment can also be added to products such as Tierrafino Finish, Duro and T-Paint.
Tierrafino Fix can be mixed with water and pigments to create fogging techniques on Tierrafino Finish, Duro and Lime. Do not use Pigment Ultramarine Blue in damp areas.


• Ready to use in the packaging
• Odourless
• Pigment is limescale and UV resistant. All pigments are water resistant
• Except Ultramarine Blue.
• Do-It-Yourself/Professional


The information in this product description has been compiled with the utmost care.

Tierrafino B.V. however, accepts no responsibility for direct or indirect damage that may occur when using the information provided. With each new release of the product information, the validity of the previous release expires.

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