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Leemshop is the Tierrafino shop par excellence. Sometimes people write the name as Terafino, Terrafino, Terrafina, Tierafino or Tierrfino. Even if you are looking for one of those names and you mean the largest clay producer in the Netherlands, then you’ve come to the right place!

“Clay is a pure and natural material that always gives something extra”

(Geert de Bock, owner Leemshop)

In 2006 I attended a clay plaster workshop as a regular plasterer. When the instructor created the clay plaster, I was struck by that wonderful scent. As if you are walking in a forest where it has just rained. And then I knew: I want to work with that. Crazy, just the smell was enough.
In the following year, I converted my regular plasterer business into a specialist clay plasterer company. For my customers I started working with clay plaster, clay paint, wall heating, etc. Working with clay means working with materials that are healthy for my customer to live in, but also for me as an applicator. And also for the environment, because clay can “go back to nature” as it is 100% natural. You can let clay dry and reuse it. So you do not produce waste. I consciously choose clay and related natural materials and applications, and I am glad that more and more people are also making that conscious choice.
Now that I have stopped using the stucco trowel myself, this webshop enables me to introduce other people to clay plaster, clay paint, wall heating and other applications with natural building materials. The workshops or support conversations are a wonderful way to share my knowledge that I have gained during implementation.

Clay is your third skin!

Of course you first have your own skin with which you regulate your temperature and make contact with your environment. And as a second skin you wear clothes, which indicates how important the materials are with which your clothes are made. Suffocating plastic or… .. breathable and natural materials such as cotton, wool and more recently bamboo or nettle. And so you get to your environment, the (atmosphere) environment in the room where you are: the indoor climate (see also Wikipedia)!

Your third skin is the decoration of your home; say the inner skin of the space in which you live, work and sleep. If you make it from plastic and airtight, you will feel the tightness and clamminess on your own skin. Or will you make that third skin with natural materials that breathe? Your living environment or indoor climate is very decisive for how you feel. Plants, colours and natural materials have a major influence on this.

Due to its open (vapour permeable) character, clay makes a major contribution to a more pleasant indoor climate. Clay accumulates, absorbs, living moisture when there is a lot in the air. And releases it when the air is very dry. In this way, clay creates a constant level of humidity that is healthy and feels comfortable.

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Tierrafino organizes workshops, seminars, and training courses on the application and plastering of clay plaster / clay stucco, clay finish, reinforced clay plaster, stucco Lustro, decor clay, clay paint, Tadelakt, lime plaster, and natural building with clay.