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For Ernst de Nobel, founder of EcoCoatings, the choice to start a webshop with sustainable paint was a logical consequence of his work as an Ecological painter in The Hague and surroundings. He is also active within the collective SCHILDERSVANNU, a national network of sustainable painters. With his webshop and shop he wants to make painting with sustainable products accessible to everyone.

The SCHILDERSVANNU platform is THE knowledge base for sustainable painting.

Due to the large amount of information exchange among the platform, the knowledge of sustainable painting is enormous. We are brand independent and provide information in our own right. We have paint technicians on board, who, together with the many practical experience of the painters, arrive at a very weighted judgment about the possibilities that exist with sustainable painting. Exchanging knowledge and promoting sustainable painting is anchored in the genes of SCHIDELRSVANNU. We have no secrets, no agenda of our own, but are an idealistic movement that is not satisfied with the current supply of fossil-based regular paint products.
SCHILDERSVANNU supports painting courses, provides presentations throughout the country and is present at relevant fairs. Works closely with manufacturers to take their products to an even higher and more environmentally friendly level. The painters of SCHILDERSVANNU provide advice to clients, contractors and architects. Are involved in society. Participate in local sustainable initiatives and come up with refreshing ideas yourself.
A sustainable painter is a painter who consciously chooses to operate in which he has the least possible impact on the environment. But it doesn’t stop there. A Painter of today wants to put an end to the use of fossil raw materials for paint. Say goodbye to the many toxins in paint. A sustainable painter is an innovator. Do not wait, but lead the way. Thinks about its processes. Works clean and safe. Buys sustainably produced clothing. Tries out new, bio-based products. Is concerned with the future. Does not settle for half solutions. Is transparent. SCHILDERSVANNU is constantly looking for a better, more sustainable solution.

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Tierrafino organizes workshops, seminars and training-courses on the application and plastering of clay plaster, clay finish, reinforced clay plaster, stucco Lustro, deco clay, clay paint, Tadelakt, lime plaster, and natural building with clay.

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