Armin Ardi

My first acquaintance with clay in the Netherlands was during a workshop at the Rietveld Academy given by guest teacher Carl Giskes in 1993. Carl Giskes is founder of the Tierrafino company and inventor of coloured clay plaster. I was touched by the ancient natural material because clay reminded me of my childhood in Iran. Since this renewed acquaintance with clay, I have been enthusiastic about the rich, natural material for over 25 years and have been looking for the many, different possibilities of how to process and apply clay in utility buildings and in private homes.
Since clay is a sustainable and circular product, I also provide technical maintenance through a contract if the customer appreciates it. After 10 or 15 years, you may want a fresh, new-looking wall or other wall lighting ornaments.
For the full photo series see the portfolio for Perfumery Amsterdam, Water Authority offices Scheldestromen and Schoonschip!