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Since 1992, when our founder Carl Giskes introduced the world’s first designer clay plaster, our Clay Visionaries and Clay Experts have led the way in not just transforming spaces but shifting paradigms.

Tierrafino Clay transcend aesthetics without overlooking it. For Clay Visionaries and Clay Experts daring to ask themselves what it means to be human.

The designs created with our materials are attempts to answer that profound question, inching closer to understanding about who we are and how we appropriately shape our world.

Our story


Designer Clay Plaster

Colorful elegance with all the benefits of clay

Clay plaster, with its timeless natural advantages, has existed for thousands of years. However, 30 years ago, we revolutionized this art by mixing colorful clays and fine sands, resulting in the first 100% natural decorative coloured clay plaster Tierrafino Finish. Our artisanal production process, with strict quality control, ensures that each handmade sample reflects nature’s highest standards.

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Designer Clay Paints

Earth’s palette transformed into luxurious finishes

With depth that synthetic paints can’t match, our natural, eco-friendly pigments create vibrant, healthy living spaces. Dive into a world of elegant, chalky textures and rich hues. Unveil the secret to exquisite walls.

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Clay Expert Academy

Are you a seasoned artisan in design plasters? Become a certified Clay Expert! We offer a tailor-made Clay Expert program exclusively for professional plasterers. Master our sustainable, decorative finishes and join the Tierrafino Clay Network with artisans, architects, and dealerships that understand the value of exquisite finishing.

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