DryPaint Tierrafino Clay Paint application intruction

Applying DryPaint is an easy task, but you should always proceed with caution

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DryPaint can be applied with a brush or roller but also with a trowel and polished to a high shine

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DryPaint Tierrafino Clay Paint application instruction

Tierrafino Dry-Paint is a natural and decorative clay paint for walls and ceilings in the interior, supplied as powder to be mixed with water to an painting and rollable paint. Composition: clay and binder. Consumption: Approx. 85 grams / m2 per layer. In most cases, two layers are sufficient. Consumption is higher on coarse and multicolored surfaces. The powder is mixed 1 kg to 1.5 L of water, 10 minutes mixing, 30 minutes waiting and 5 minutes mixing again. Once mixed, Dry-Paint is stable for 3 days. Shelf life: Dry-Paint is stored dry, in the original packaging for at least 3 years durable. Colors: Available in white. The color palette can be extended by adding liquid water-bound pigments. Pigment in powder form must first be sufficiently dissolved in water before it can be added to Dry-Paint.

Properties: DryPaint Tierrafino Clay Paint

– Do-It-Yourself / Professional – Very fine and pure mineral paint – High opacity after drying – Very good adhesion – Mixable with both inorganic and organic pigments – Antistatic and vapor-open – Colourfast with a matte appearance – Contains no Titanium oxide.




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