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Dirt Plaster Effects

You can use a range of Tierrafino additives to add special effects to your adobe dirt plaster work. Dirt plaster mixed with Black Glimmer makes your walls gleam under daylight and electric light. Clay plaster mixed with Sienna Sand and Runkel Red Sand create a dynamic surface. Adobe Dirt plaster mixed with Mother of Pearl makes your walls sparkle. Add straw to Finish to achieve a subtle structure in your walls. Adobe plaster breathes.

We have been producing fine clay plasters for surface treatment in various interior spaces for over 40 years. Starting with living rooms and bedrooms in our direct neighborhood through medium-sized projects such as complete villas to large projects such as public buildings such as town halls, banks, office buildings in the public area, and beyond large museums, the houses of kings and presidents as well as very large ones projects at the World Exhibition in Hanover Germany. Works at DOCUMENTA in Kassel and the Venice Bienale. In all of these projects we used a wide variety of additives of effects.

Aggregate effects used in a good proportion give clay walls a special extra. The wall surfaces resemble sawn and polished stones. The noble surfaces are often confused with antique walls of ancient cultures and go far beyond today’s conventional, pitiful, poor hardware store surfaces.

Plaster Effects nature gave us for free. If you think about it and realize that all of our products have not been heated or exposed to chemical compounds, it is no wonder that people choose our products. Be sure to inform yourself well before purchasing one of our Effects products. Or get advice from one of the earth building specialists. Trust in the beauty of nature,