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clay effects

Clay Plaster Effects Tierrafino ‘Effects’

Description of Tierrafino Clay Plaster Effects

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Clay Plaster Effects – Tierrafino ‘Effects’ is a suite of additives, selected by Tierrafino and intended for the enrichment of Tierrafino FINISH, DURO, BASE and T-Paint. Packaging: 1 Kg, 7 Kg and 20 Kg buckets.

Storage Advice

Effects / additives can be stored both dry and wet, with the exception of Straw, which must be stored dry.

Safety Advice

No specific hazard, but keep out of reach of children.

Applying Clay Plaster Effects

Effects have mainly been developed for the decorative enrichment of the various Tierrafino wall finishing products. However, effects also influence the composition of the products. Straw is a fiber and the other Effects are sands that improve resistance against shrinkage cracks.


Determine the amount of Effect you would want to add. Mix with FINISH, DURO, BASE or T-Paint according to the instructions. Add the Effects and mix well. Then process the specific product as indicated in the corresponding instructions.

Maximum amount of adding Effects

Straw: max. 1% of the dry weight of FINISH, DURO, BASE (without straw) or T-Paint.
Other Effects: max. 10% of the dry weight of FINISH, DURO, BASE or T-Paint.

Straw and other Effects combined:
For every 0.1% Straw you would like to add, you can add 1% less other Effects than the maximum of 10% allowed

  • 1% Straw + 0% other Effects
  • 0.9% Straw + 1% other Effects
  • etc.

See the table in the product datasheet



Weighing Scale


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