Colours of the Earth

Clay Colours: Basic and Mix n Match

Clay and Tadelakt Colour overview

Colours play an important role in our lives. They determine the atmosphere by their influence on our mood, they stimulate our senses and they largely determine our taste, identify whether we like something or not. The way a room is coloured has complex effects on how we feel.

Discover the secret of – and the rich variety of Tierrafino colour nuances

In many ancient cultures the houses and especially the temples were decorated with the most beautiful colours. Colours were unique, sometimes very rare, and time was saved even more in bringing pigments on donkey or camel over thousands of kilometers. Stately buildings often show beautiful colour nuances.
In recent years, the demand for white has been particularly high and is still trending. The appearance of professionalism, purity, tidiness, peaceful and well-organized dominates our zeitgeist. Looking at the rich colour overview below, it is curious in itself that the color white, which is not actually a color, so dominates our outdoors and indoors…

Let yourself go with Tierrafino Clay- and Tadelakt colours!

Whether you want to give shape to your personal emotional atmosphere in your living room or workspace with colour or, conversely, you want to influence ‘positively’ by means of colour. Let the colours from our natural environment get in and let them flow into your living or working space or try to contrast and keep out what is just  outside.… 

The possibilities are endless in the interplay of clay colours and pigments

Tierrafino basically distinguishes between earth tones and pigments. For clay colours we mix earth tones using coloured clay and coloured sand. With pigments, only a small percentage is added to our coloured plasters and paints.

If your colour request falls outside our standard colour palette, or if you have a RAL code or NCS code, we will develop your personal colour preference for you.

The Tierrafino Technical Friday Morning (TFM) is especially held for professionals. In abt. 1.5 hours we explain about clay and our clay products in general. We also explain the various technical applications of our clay products.
There are no costs associated with attending the Technical Friday Morning (upon appointment only).

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Clay Plaster – Clay Paint – Tadelakt – Colour Palette

Basic Colours and wider Palette

Tierrafino ‘BASE’, basecoat, or finishing mortar

BASE clay S1 basecoat with straw, moist


BASE clay plaster S2 brown basecoat, dry

BASE clay plaster S2 with straw, moist 

BASE clay S1 white with straw, moist

BASE clay plaster S1 red with straw, moist

BASE clay S2 brown basecoat with straw, dry

BASE clay plaster S2 brown, dry 

BASE clay plaster fine S2 fine basecoat, dry

Tadelakt colours – Tierrafino ‘STONE’ Tadelakt collection


STONE Delphi


STONE Nassau

STONE Djenné


STONE Iquitos

STONE Gomera


Kasseler brown


Metaloxide red

Pompeian red


Gold ocher

Black oxide

Ultramarine blue

Cobalt blue

Congo green

Veronese green

Persian yellow

Tierrafino ‘FINISH’ colour palette: 100%, 33%, 8%, 4% mixed with Dover White


FINISH Dover Straw


FINISH Delphi Pearl


FINISH Roman 33%

FINISH Roman 8%

FINISH Roman 4%


FINISH Nassau 33%

FINISH Nassau 8%

FINISH Nassau 4%


FINISH Djenne 33%

FINISH Djenne 8%

FINISH Djenne 4%


FINISH Ayers 33%

FINISH Ayers 8%

FINISH Ayers 4%

FINISH Iquitos

FINISH Iquitos 33%

FINISH Iquitos 8%

FINISH Iquitos 4%


FINISH Gomera 33%

FINISH Gomera 8%

FINISH Gomera 4%