Dry-Paint can be rolled or brushed for a fine or coarse texture. However, what makes our dry-paint truly unique is that it can also be troweled. When polished, Dry-Paint achieves a mirror- smooth finish akin to Venetian plasters, yet remains breathable. This feature offers architects and interior designers a versatile finish that combines aesthetic appeal […]


product datasheets T-paint rough clay paint

T-Paint, a coarse-grained clay paint with selected shiny sands, offers an extraordinary look, comfort, and ambiance. “T” stands for “Texture,” ideal for those finding I-Paint too subtle, providing a dynamic or calming effect in any space. Its granularity also improves acoustics, reducing noise. Standard in Dover color, it allows nearly endless color possibilities with our […]


I-Paint product sheet

Cool gray, soft beige, or a vibrant red. With I-PAINT’s natural shades, you’re right on trend. The colors’ allure stems from pure natural pigments that noticeably enhance both the ambiance and indoor climate. Additionally, I-PAINT’s unique formula is odorless, quick-drying, anti-static, offers excellent coverage, and is drip-free. Its application with a paint roller or brush […]


Opting for DURO means choosing chic and comfortable interiors. This clay plaster, eye-catching and wall-pleasing with its subtle marble shimmer, adds elegance to your space. Durable, easily repairable, and highly versatile, mix and match eight colors for endless creativity. DURO turns any area into a blend of style and sustainability.


Leemstuc Leempleister Leembouw

This isn’t just any plaster; it’s where it all began. Tierrafino’s founder, Carl Giskes, launched Finish in 1990 as the first decorative coloured clay plaster in Europe. 30 years on, it remains on of our most popular materials among architects.


Debunking myths, X-white merges RAL 90/10’s pristine look with warmth, unlike typical clinical whites. Fine marble grains play with light and shadow, offering a unique, cozy ambiance. Creativitity is unlimmited with our Tierrafino Effect additives.

Concrete Look

Experience clay in a new light. Sharp lines, solid surfaces, cool shades—hallmarks of brutalist architecture, once at the expense of sustainability. No more. With Tierrafino’s Concrete Look, enjoy all the benefits of clay with that industrial aesthetic.


Leemstuc Antique Provence Decoleem

Antique Provence elevates walls into art with skilled plastering, revealing ‘drawings’ within its smooth texture. Craftsmanship allows polishing or density variations, adding depth and bespoke beauty to any space.

Stone Tadelakt

Discover Tadelakt: a blend of matte and shimmer, enriched by gems and olive oil soap. Stone’s water-resistant, natural finish is ideal for luxurious, tactile spaces.